Info about 'Hexenkerker' - Medieval Dungeon Life Weekly Soap

We proudly present our new project: the Interrogatio - Hexenkerker! This is your cance to find out what happened to the witches in the dungeons, when the jailers and torturers were alone with them. There are not many historical traditions about this theme. But anybody of us probably could imagine, what might have happened to a pretty young woman, being chained and lying helpless in such a medieval dungeon: she had to suffer the worst things, like hunger, torture, abuse, humiliation and any kind of degradation. Remember, in medieval times a woman who has been found guilty for witchcraft was worth less than an animal. The fate of such a woman was just horror.

For the first weeks and months you can follow the painful fate of Amalia the young blonde healer, who is jailed in the Inquisitions dungeon. Each week we will present another video scene of her life in the dungeon - the video streaming in HD (and downloads) are changing weekly (every friday), so do not miss any of them! The duration of the weekly video stream is from 8 to 15 minutes. You will have instant access to the actual streaming video and download after you have bought a ticket in the member area. Also, and this is the special feature of the "Hexenkerker": you can become part of her fate! Make your suggestions and send us your ideas anonymously. How should this vile witch be treated in the upcoming weeks? Which kind of punishment does she deserve? She will have to suffer like described in your suggestions if it is possible to realize them, and you may see the video of it in the "Hexenkerker" area! So YOU, our members of, will become the authors of this exciting weekly soap!

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