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Inquisitionlive Interrogatio - pretty wenches interrogated and tormented in medieval dungeons!
Inquisitionlive Hexenkerker

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Romina: Fussfolter
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humiliation of the blonde barmaid
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Romina suspended and whipped
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Romina suffering the strappado
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som selected previous scenes:

Amalia trained in devotion

Amalias cunt is turning red

Agatha gets tied and pricked

Amalia feels nauseous

Agatha being whipped and spit on

Janessa: fire torment

the painful fate of Agatha the soothsayer

Amalia stripped in front of the judges

Mathilda suffering on the wooden pony #2

Amalia does her best to serve the guards

Mathilda suffering on the wooden pony #1

Janessa: needle torment at the wheel of pain

Amalia slapped and beaten

Mathilda gets a shower of stinking slurry

Amalia becomes her tormentors plaything

Mathilda suspended and whipped

tit torture by spiked iron screws

Mathilda severely slapped and beaten

anal torment

feet torment for Sophie

the iron maiden

Sophie tormented by candlefire

chained by heavy iron stocks
to be tormented by pincers

Sophie suffering the bastonade

anal penetration for the gipsy whore

Janne tormented by the vaginal pear

the gipsy whore gets beaten
in her filthy prison cell

Magdalena tormented by flames

Janessa choked in the dungeon

Eve has to drink pee

the torturers are looking forward to her arrival:
Janessa the gipsy whore becomes severely whipped

Eve beaten and fucked

Janne tormented at the cross